Panasonic factory suffers major storm damage

Panasonic Electronic Components factory in Jiangmen, China, has suffered major storm damage, halting production in the facility.

The factory was damaged on April 29 when a tornado tore a large piece of roofing 60m (or almost 200 feet) wide from the factory building. The building is 144m x 180m (472 ft. x 591 ft.) in size.

Approximately 300 employees were working at the time, however the company said no one was injured.

Following heavy rain throughout the night, the factory was flooded up to 5-10cm (2-4 inches), causing serious damage to finished products and production equipment.

As of May 2, the damaged roof is still wide open and the company said roof repair has been prioritized. The roof repair was originally scheduled to be completed by May 7, however the company said this date could be delayed by further rain.

Panasonic Film Capacitor Series Affected By The Disaster

– Standard Metalized Film Capacitors: ECQ-E, ECW-F, ECW-H Series
– Standard Stacked Metalized Film Capacitors: ECQ-V Series
– Noise Suppression Capacitors: ECQ-U, ECQ-J Series
– Dry type AC Film Capacitor (for small type compressors or motors. Example: for fan of air conditioner, refrigerator etc.
– Oil Filled Type AC Film Capacitors(for medium or large compressors, medium or large motors)Example: for compressors of air conditioners
and washing machines.