Global IC Trading adds DTEK to Inspection Process

Global has implemented DTEK™, a quantitative optical inspection device into its inspection process. DTEK is a quantitative optical inspection tool for the inspection of monolithic integrated circuit (IC) packages. It is primarily intended for use as a counterfeit mitigation tool to identify resurfacing, re-marking, or non-conforming integrated circuit packaging.

Global began working with Covisus Corporation in February 2011 to support the development of DTEK™ for the purpose of counterfeit mitigation. Global assisted in joint early-stage testing on hardware prototype models, the purchase of components from authorized sources to provide comparative standards for known counterfeit parts at Global’s cost, and provided Covisus with an understanding of the investments made in quality systems and counterfeit screening technology currently used in the industry. Global also provided Covisus with distribution expertise, facilities and labor support, and validation of DTEK™ against existing state of the art counterfeit mitigation tools in its quality assurance lab. These efforts served to accelerate the development of this technology, which provides significant benefits for Global’s customers, theUS defense industrial base and the industry.

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Global’s wiliness to adopt this cutting edge technology further demonstrates Global’s dedication to continuous improvement and the fight against counterfeit material entering the supply chain.