ElectronicsWeekly.com reports: Analogue worst hit by IC counterfeits

Analogue worst hit by IC counterfeits
Counterfeit analogue chips are the most commonly found fake parts representing 25% of the counterfeit IC industry, says IHS.

The other most frequently counterfeited chip types are memories, microprocessors, programmable logic and discrete transistors.

Two thirds of all counterfeit parts discovered last year fit into these five categories.

“There has been a great deal of focus on the issue of counterfeit parts in the defence industry, but the majority of reported counterfeit incidents are for commercial components which have broad use across both military and commercial applications,” says Rory King, director of supply chain product marketing at HIS.

Analogue ICs were a $47.7bn segment of the overall $300bn semiconductor market last year, with the five product types most affected by counterfeiting representing a $169bn chunk of the overall market.

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