Counterfeit protected components enter circulation

Global IC Trading is approved for the DLA’s QTSL and QSLD programs and is working with Applied DNA to develop Global IC Trading’s SigNature DNA.

Applied DNA Sciences Inc., Stony Brook NY, provider of DNA-based anti-counterfeiting technology and product authentication solutions, announced that its SigNature DNA mark has been used to protect nearly 500,000 electronics parts in the combined outcome of its pilots and contracts, an effort driven by the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) against the infiltration of counterfeit electronic parts.

Seventeen companies are actively marking microcircuits with SigNature DNA, a requirement set out by DLA for companies providing a class of microcircuits to the Agency. Overall, 51 companies are signed or in various stages of negotiation.

Company officials pointed out that the rate of new contract signings had increased significantly; of the companies actively using SigNature DNA marking, 35% had signed on in the last two months. Customers now include both authorized distributors and manufacturers, including the first two companies known as QMLs, meaning that they are included on DLA’s highly selective Qualified Manufacturers List, according to Dr. James Hayward, CEO and president of Applied DNA Sciences.

APDN officials also pointed to other signs of momentum in the effort:

* In a June 20 updated FAQ, DLA eased and formalized the subsidy that participating customers receive from DLA for using the APDN SigNature DNA platform. DLA will issue reimbursement to its trusted sources using a basic ordering agreement (BOA). In order to be considered for reimbursement, the trusted source must obtain a BOA by replying to solicitation number SPM7MX-13R-0095.

• The FAQ reiterated information published earlier, including the announcement that certain “open contracts” with its suppliers could be modified or even canceled and reissued with the SigNature DNA requirement: “Open contracts judged to have the potential for significant future product deliveries or risk are likely to be modified, or possibly canceled in order to issue a new solicitation with the DNA marking requirement.”

“We believe the impact of the current DLA requirement for SigNature DNA might be wider than some people think,” commented Janice Meraglia, vice president for military and government programs, pointing out that, “this includes prime contractors who sell directly to DLA.”

The company has been gearing up for the growth in its electronics sector and other businesses, increasing its staff by 72% since the beginning of the year, and moving into new quarters almost four times the size of its former space.