Counterfeit Components Continue to Slam Electronics Industry

The problem of counterfeiting keeps getting worse. In 2013, the US Customs and Border Protection reported more than 24,300 counterfeit shipment seizures, representing more than $1.7 billion in goods. Over the last five years, counterfeit seizures have increased nearly 50%.

Power management company Eaton has launched a program to raise awareness of ways industry professionals can protect themselves against counterfeit electrical products. The “I Didn’t Know” educational campaign includes a website devoted to helping buyers identify and report counterfeit parts. The campaign intends to reach professionals in the electrical and electronics industry and is part of the company’s ongoing effort to combat counterfeit components worldwide.

Eaton noted that counterfeit products need to be seen as a problem affecting the entire electronics industry. “A counterfeit electrical product poses a significant risk to health and safety,” Tom Grace, brand protection manager at Eaton’s Electrical Sector Americas, told Design News. “The counterfeit product also represents a significant liability to anyone involved, should a product failure or personal injury occur.”

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