A Trusted Source for the DLA

Global IC Trading Group, Inc. successfully completed the Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA) Qualified Testing Supplier List (QTSL) and the Qualified Supplier’s List of Distributors (QSLD) assessments on June 19th and 20th and is now qualified to sell Federal Stock Classes (FSC) 5961 (Semiconductor Devices) and 5962 (Microcircuits) to the DLA through these programs.

This 2-day/2-person audit was performed by DLA inspectors from Land and Maritime at our office in Laguna Hills, CA. The audit focused on our Quality Management System including process controls, documentation, training, purchasing, inventory controls, as well as our capabilities and equipment to mitigate the risk of counterfeit material entering the supply chain. Global IC Trading Group has had a detailed Counterfeit Avoidance Plan (CAP) in place since May 2009 and this document is currently in its sixteenth revision. During the audit the DLA scrutinized these capabilities including: ESD Controls, incoming inspection, visual inspection, radiography (real time X-ray analysis), XRF, resistance to solvents, heated solvents test and decapsulation and die microscopy.

The audit also confirmed that Global is compliant with the JEDEC standard JESD31 (General Requirements for Distributors of Military Semiconductor Devices) and the JESD625 (Requirements for Handling Electrostatic-Discharge-Sensitive (ESDS) Devices).

Gaining these two certifications (QTSL, QSLD) further demonstrates Global’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. Global is one of ten distributors to gain QTSL Certification and become a trusted source for the DLA.

DLA Approved Supplier